Gemstones and jewelry passed down through the family are perhaps the most meaningful pieces you own. That said, what if you like the stones, but not the mounting? Maybe they don't reflect your personality so they sit in your jewelry or safe deposit box? 

These pieces link you to generations before, and we can help you keep the stones, and the spirit in which they were given to you, in tact for the next generation.

No appointment is necessary. If you'd like more information, please use the form to the right, or visit us at 640 5th Avenue South, Naples. You're welcome to come into the store at any time (preferably with your pieces) to learn more. We also do resetting and restyling from a distance using an exchange of photo-realistic images, so you don't have to be in Naples.

To view some of our custom designs and restyled pieces, visit our custom design galle​ry.

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