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Post Hurricane Irma Devastation - Please Help us Help our Neighbors.

Our family was incredibly fortunate. Everyone remained safe and our homes as well as Kristoff (miraculously) sustained no damage. As we anxiously returned home (from Arizona, Atlanta, and North Carolina), our joy quickly turned to a sickening mix of anxiety and sorrow. Our beautiful Naples looked completely foreign with trees ripped from the ground and damage at practically every turn.

Kristoff Jewelers - 5th Avenue South during Hurricane IrmaImagine our reaction to seeing this on the news! All of 5th Avenue South flooded and that is Kristoff right in the middle!

 Downtown Naples post Hurricane IrmaDowntown Naples post Irma.

Naples, FL post Hurricane IrmaNaples.

However, our city was considered a place that was "spared". It hardly looked spared, which brought tears thinking of what it must be like in our neighboring Marco Island, Everglades City, and Goodland, which all experienced incredible devastation.

Aerial View of Damage in Goodland post Hurricane IrmaAerial View of the damage in Goodland, about 20 miles south of Naples.

Goodland is still completely without power and water over two weeks post Irma. The homes that remain are filled with about 2.5 FEET of MUD. Just think about that! There is no describing the scope of the devastation, so please join us in helping our neighbors!

We are collecting donations at the store. Then, along with our friends (who also secured our hurricane shutters when we were in Arizona! THANK YOU!) we will be personally driving all of your donations directly to families in need in these communities. Below you will find specific items that are desperately needed as well as other ways you can donate.

We sincerely THANK YOU for any contribution you are able to make.  We will be posting updates as we go and sharing photos.


You can drop off items for donation to the store during open hours.
640 5th Avenue South, Naples.
Sat. 11am-4pm

We will be delivering these items to Everglades City, Goodland, Marco and other hard hit areas.

Urgently Needed Items Include:
General Cleaning Supplies
Simple Green Cleaner (best for mold)
Large Flat Shovels (Many homes still have over 2 feet of mud inside)
Contractor Trash Bags
Shop Towels
Paper/Plastic Plates and Utensils
Large Plastic Storage Tubs
Personal Hygiene Items
Mosquito Repellant
Baby Formula
Baby Bottles
General Baby Care Items


Lots of the needed items listed above can easily be purchased online via Amazon. Ship these items to the store and we will deliver them directly to those in need.

Ship to: Kristoff Jewelers
640 5th Avenue South
Naples, FL 34102


One of the greatest needs is monetary donations and gift cards. Many families in our area have lost their homes or sustained catastrophic damage, and have also been unable to work since the storm. 

We're starting with a $500 cash donation and 5% of all sales through October will be donated to local families. Monetary donations will be accepted in person and via phone. Gift cards can be dropped off or sent to the store.

100% of donations will go directly to local families in need.

If you have questions feel free to call us 239-263-8999 or email: Michael@kristoffjewelers.com

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Welcome to The Loupe

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