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Sphalerite-A gem rarity from Spain

Sphalerite-A gem rarity from Spain

We like the unusual and rare gemstones.  Sphalerlite is one of those gemstones.   It is a zinc ore material that typically contains iron. When it has a high iron content, Splalerlite is opaque black.  Gem quality material has a low iron content , resulting in transparent crystals.  The gems we have here in the store are from the Aliva mine in Spain which has been closed since 1989.


Sphalerlite is not often seen in jewelry due to it’s lack of hardness.  It is not recommended to be worn daily in rings that get general wear and tear.  However, Sphalerlites brilliance and high dispersion make it a beautiful gemstone for jewelry.  It is best used in pendant where it would be protected.


Shalerlite is thought to provide its wearer with strength and vitality.  It is said to increase recovery from illness and protect against infection, exhaustion, and fatigue.   Sphalerlite is not a traditional birthstone but it is the non traditional gemstone for those born under the sign of Gemini.


When time allows, make a point to stop in the store and see this rare gem.

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Uncommon Finds - Caesar Bracelet and Gold Scripture Book

Uncommon Finds -   Caesar Bracelet and Gold Scripture Book

We love an unusual find, and this collection of two very unusual pieces from London Goldsmith Konstantin Liamin is something you'll never see elsewhere.  Both pieces are one-of-a-kind and were completely handmade in the oldest traditions of goldsmithing.

The cover of the gold scripture book depicts Jesus surrounded by his apostles, followed by 10 pages of finely wrought and hand engraved Bible text from Matthew 5:1-48 and Model Prayer Matthew 6:9-13. The back cover has Archangel Michael framed by Seraphim.  

Gold Scripture Book    

The Caesar bracelet, which is incredibly detailed in 18 karat yellow gold, has six round and six octagonal custom cut pieces of nephrite jade of the finest quality.  It was completely made by hand and is finished with a fabulous opalescent enamel.


Konstantin learned and honed his craft in his native Russia.  He was taught by one of the country's most respected goldsmiths in the reserved tradition of jewelers like Karl Faberge.

A personal invitation by Bentley and Skinner of Bond Street London, led Konstantin to be involved in the creation of Damian Hirst's famed diamond skull.

His workshop is currently in London's Hatton Garden. If you are in Naples, we invite you to see and experience these in person.


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