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Our attempt at a Vintage Inspired Velvet Ring Box.

Our attempt at a Vintage Inspired Velvet Ring Box.

Some number of years ago Martha Stewart Weddings did a cover with the most beautiful little candy colored velvet ring boxes.  I was instantly in love and on a mission to find them. I contacted Martha Stewart Weddings about them and was told that "her team" had made them, so there was no chance of purchasing them. 

A few years later I got word that a company called The Mrs Box had begun making these yummy little boxes.  The colors are divine, but the price tag is a bit shocking at $75 dollars for a single ring box that is barely over an inch big.

The artist and jeweler in me couldn't resolve paying so much for something that I could surely make. Well, I made up my mind that I was going to purchase a few Mrs. Boxes to use in photographing our jewelry at Kristoff. Then, late one night creative instincts crept in and I decided to scour Amazon to see if I could get the supplies I needed at a reasonable price. I could, so I decided to give it a go before spending hundreds of dollars on 4 or 5 teeny tiny little velvet ring boxes.

I'm adept at computer aided design, trained in the delicate art of goldsmithing, always been good at math, and I have an art degree from Pratt Institute. If anyone should be able to make these little things - it was me.

Well, let me start by telling you that The Mrs Box is WORTH EVERY BIT of the $75.

After taking quite a bit of time figuring out the sizes all of my pieces would need to be, it took me 3 hours to measure, cut, and assemble the box. I'm sure I would become quite a bit faster in making subsequent boxes, but I figure I'd be lucky to cut the time in half.

Planning and Cutting to make our Velvet Ring Box

In progress - handmade velvet ring box

Making a Mrs Box

Of course, this test box used inexpensive material, not vintage French velvet, and in making one I learned a number of tweaks that I could make to end up with a much cleaner result, but I'm not sure that I care to make another.

Our Completed Velvet Ring Box

Completed Mrs Box

I've satisfied my artistic curiosity, and I look forward to purchasing some Mrs. Boxes!

If you want to get your hands on one of these pretties, believe me, they are worth it.  You should not feel bad about splurging just a bit in order to store your precious rings in an equally precious box.



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