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We Welcome our New Diamond Cutter

We Welcome our New Diamond Cutter

We are so excited to have welcomed our in-house diamond cutter, David Flores, over the summer.  Diamond cutting is a process that most in the jewelry industry never have to opportunity to see with their own eyes.  So, his presence at Kristoff is truly special, and he's quickly become part of the family at Kristoff. He began cutting diamonds when he was just 16 years old, and is now passing the skill and tradition onto Michael Rose, the owner at Kristoff.

We welcome you to stop in to witness a diamond being cut, and we now offer repair services on diamonds.  We can fix chipped diamonds, recut diamonds, or do custom cuts. For more information or pricing on these services, you can call us at 239-263-8999, or stop in the store located at 640 Fifth Avenue South in Naples, FL.

David Flores Cutting a Diamond

Diamond being cut.

Michael Rose and David Flores


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