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Custom Design - Luis's ENORMOUS Opal!

Custom Design - Luis's ENORMOUS Opal!

We are fortunate to have some pretty spectacular clients that allow us to constantly expand the boundaries of custom designed fine jewelry.

The process we use removes all of the guess work so you know exactly what your piece is going to look like before we ever begin making it. As a little peek into what it's like to design a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom piece of jewelry, we're going to take you inside our designing of an enormous opal ring for a dear client and friend, Luis.

Michael and Luis

H. Michael Rose and Luis Coronado at Kristoff Jewelers in Naples, FL

Luis loves big rings! He often admired our selection of rare Ethiopian opals that we have in the store, but they weren't quite big enough for him.  So, he set us on a mission to find him a 20+ carat opal. We were able to locate a very rare Australian opal that originated from an area that hasn't been mined in over 25 years.  The area was known for producing crystal opal with a lot of red in it.  None of the opal that has been mined in more recent years has been discovered with as much color. So, finding an opal with the color play in Luis's is nearly impossible.

The opal we used in his ring was actually a large free form piece of opal that had been polished in it's original shape, and had never been cut. We were able to secure it from the mine owner's private collection and have it cut to our specifications - 26 x 19.5 mm and over 22 carats!

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the Ring

CAD Design of Custom Opal Ring


Photo-realistic renderings of the ring prior to production.

3/4 Render of Opal Ring

Rendering of Opal Ring

Side View Rendering of Opal Ring

Through Finger View Rendering of Opal Ring



To scale rendering of the ring to show the size of the ring on the hand.

Rendering of Custom Opal Ring on Hand

3/4 Rendering of Opal Ring on Hand

Side View Rendering of Opal Ring on Hand


The finished beauty!

Custom designed rings by Kristoff Jewelers

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Holiday Bijoux under $1500!

Holiday Bijoux under $1500!

18kt Yellow Gold Citrine and Garnet Ring - $1,250.

With a lot of people on the holiday shopping list, jewelry might seem like a pricey gift.  However, with the rapid increase in the cost of clothing, shoes, and bags, fine jewelry can seem downright practical!  We've compiled a list of stunning jewelry pieces that are sure to inspire some gift giving.

18kt Yellow Gold Green and Blue Topaz Ring - $1,095.


14kt Yellow Gold White and Green Jade Flower Ring with Rubies - $1,195.


Sterling Silver and Italian Enamel Geometrica Ring - $295.


Sterling Silver and Italian Enamel Pashmina Pendant - $225.



Aquamarine and Peridot Earrings - $1,150.


Sterling Silver and Italian Enamel Palette Earrings - $225.


18kt Yellow Gold Triple Tier Earrings - $1,350.


14kt Gold Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings - $550.

















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Uncommon Finds - Caesar Bracelet and Gold Scripture Book

Uncommon Finds -   Caesar Bracelet and Gold Scripture Book

We love an unusual find, and this collection of two very unusual pieces from London Goldsmith Konstantin Liamin is something you'll never see elsewhere.  Both pieces are one-of-a-kind and were completely handmade in the oldest traditions of goldsmithing.

The cover of the gold scripture book depicts Jesus surrounded by his apostles, followed by 10 pages of finely wrought and hand engraved Bible text from Matthew 5:1-48 and Model Prayer Matthew 6:9-13. The back cover has Archangel Michael framed by Seraphim.  

Gold Scripture Book    

The Caesar bracelet, which is incredibly detailed in 18 karat yellow gold, has six round and six octagonal custom cut pieces of nephrite jade of the finest quality.  It was completely made by hand and is finished with a fabulous opalescent enamel.


Konstantin learned and honed his craft in his native Russia.  He was taught by one of the country's most respected goldsmiths in the reserved tradition of jewelers like Karl Faberge.

A personal invitation by Bentley and Skinner of Bond Street London, led Konstantin to be involved in the creation of Damian Hirst's famed diamond skull.

His workshop is currently in London's Hatton Garden. If you are in Naples, we invite you to see and experience these in person.


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We Welcome our New Diamond Cutter

We Welcome our New Diamond Cutter

We are so excited to have welcomed our in-house diamond cutter, David Flores, over the summer.  Diamond cutting is a process that most in the jewelry industry never have to opportunity to see with their own eyes.  So, his presence at Kristoff is truly special, and he's quickly become part of the family at Kristoff. He began cutting diamonds when he was just 16 years old, and is now passing the skill and tradition onto Michael Rose, the owner at Kristoff.

We welcome you to stop in to witness a diamond being cut, and we now offer repair services on diamonds.  We can fix chipped diamonds, recut diamonds, or do custom cuts. For more information or pricing on these services, you can call us at 239-263-8999, or stop in the store located at 640 Fifth Avenue South in Naples, FL.

David Flores Cutting a Diamond

Diamond being cut.

Michael Rose and David Flores


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Welcome to The Loupe

The Loupe is a place where we'll be sharing expert tips on purchasing and caring for your jewelry, the stories behind some of our most unusual pieces, and a look behind the scenes of our world of high-end jewelry and custom design.


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